Saturday, November 7, 2009 @ 9:36 PM
Events Coming Up
I guess I myself have to do this, even if
hardly anyone patronizes this blog.

Well as all must have known by now, we have
quite a lot of things coming this holidays.
This should provide some reminder, hopefully.

11 Nov, Wed: SAF Concert at Tanjong Pagar
Conference Hall.

11 Dec, Fri: Sectional performances with
respective tutors (venue

14 Dec, Mon: Joint performance with MI at
MI Auditorium.

19-21 Dec, Sat to Mon: Music exchange-cum-
-residential camp at school.
More details would be posted
on a separate post. Additionally, 21st
Dec is concert.

*This list is not so tentative, but please
do take note of updates that might come in