Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 12:15 AM
Rehearsal today wasn't as productive as the past few days because many were not around due to JJTalentime. Since Talentime is over and there will not be any more school events clashing with our not-so-many band practices left, I really hope you guys will place Band as your top priority for these remaining 4days.

Just these 4 days and you'll be 'free' from band and who knows, you'll be suffering from "band withdrawal syndrome" after that huh?

Treat each rehearsal like it's the last and give in your 100% attention, focus, concentration when playing. Switch on your brains and your common sense so that time will not be wasted away going through the same things that we've done before. Tomorrow (or later) will be our second and LAST Sound check before SYF.

Recall what have been thoroughly gone through over and over again for the past 1-2months. Do what is necessary to sound better. Mr Ong has already told us how our phrasing will affect our music expression, and it's all up to us whether we want to play our 2 emo songs expressively or R2D2-ish.

Anyway, a tip or two before every performance.
  1. Don't be nervous
  2. Stay focus and concentrated; try not to talk (too much) because Talk More = Miss More
  3. Blow warm air into your instruments while reading your scores
The tiny words say "Concentration is the secret to strength"
So, let's all stay focused!
Rest well tonight :)

luv, weishan/

p/s anybody without school ties???? please tell/inform me ASAP so i can have the time to find them for you.

Friday, April 29, 2011 @ 12:18 AM
Just 5 days left...
Hello Band,
time really flies right? we're all left with just 5 days to work on our musicality, our expression and to really 'let go' when we play..

Mr Ong said, it's best if we 'let go' as we play so we'll be able to express ourselves better. Now is not the time to work on our notes, our rhythm, our running notes or anything fundamental. Spend more time working on the parts that we really, really know of & work it to perfection.
Recall: Practice makes Permanent

Keep practicing and perform your best.
Remember, every rehearsal now is different; we will keep getting better if we set our minds to do it.
But most importantly, have fun making music & treasure these last 5 days together as a band, as a family...

Don't ever give up at this point in time!
Have fun, no stress! :)

All the best to us!

just one more thing,


Saturday, April 23, 2011 @ 11:29 PM
10 more days

Hello JJCSB,
We've just had our 1st and probably our last music exchange today.
So, what do you think of our performance?
I can say, we did OK but it wasn't our best performance thus far..

Every halls that we go to, project their sound differently. Like what Mr Ong has said,
"Do not trust what we hear, trust ONLY what we see"

Looking up at him when we play allow Mr Ong to communicate with us & guide us through how our expression should be. Looking up at him also give both the conductor and the player confidence in playing. So band,

Have the Trust in Mr Ong!

& Remember the exact feeling when we played at our best, listened to one another? We did it before and we CAN do it again for every rehearsal/performance that we have.

We Should, We Must, We Can, We Will.

Whatever that have been gone through, we should remember and jot it down, we must not forget, we can all do it and we will all play well. These 4 little phrases may seem simple, but if all of us have the same mentality and mindset, we WILL all do well and be proud of ourselves.

So now band, 10 more days to SYF. It is all up to each and everyone of you to make use of this remaining time left to work out on your parts. 10 days may seem little but if we're gonna use these 10 days well & not let it go to waste, 10 days IS a lot of time left.

Come on JJCSB, do not give up at this point in time. We have come sooooo far together as a band and we'll finish this period together, with pride & glory.

All the best to us, JJCSB! :)

luv, weishan/