Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 12:00 AM
Good job to all of us! The concert was goood ;)

We have put in a relatively amount of effort for this concert for the past weeks. now i guess we just have to spend more time studying for our Promotional Exams since all CCAs are suspended till then :(
But it's okay! because we'll still be occupied with band rightt?. hehee. which is to memorise our 60scales before the next practice after Promos. Mr Lim will be testing us 1 by 1 on the scales randomly, so be very prepared !
The 60 scales are namely:
all 12 Major Scales,
all 12 Melodic Minor Scales,
all 12 Harmonic Minor Scales,
all 12 Major Arpeggio Scales,
all 12 Minor Arpeggio Scales and
all 12 Chromatic Scales

& you know like what Mr Lim had said before.
The only way for us to improve is to really start working on our scales first before doing anything.
We've all got a goal to work towards to, i.e. to have an overseas experiential trip. We wouldn't want a chance to go away right? so, let's all start motivating each other to work harder by memorising our 60+12 scales first k? :) but also, not neglecting our studies as well.

Best of luck to alll of us, and let's all wish the J2s all the best for their Prelims and A-levels Examinations :) hehee.

Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 11:42 PM
2010 National Day Celebration
Goood job during the NDP in school on the 6th of August~

Everything on that day was on our side. hehee. because it was an awesome day to begin with! :)
The weather was awesome, everything went on well hoho. ^^ and most importantly, the band and the performance were awesome ;) (heheh. i think we did make an impression after all) But we've gotta thank our seniors for helping out, taking time to self-practice the parade marches at home and joining us in performing during that day. hehee.
BigBigz THANK YOU to all of you ^^
Nevertheless, everybody did a good job.(including the banni house) Heh.

Our next event will be our first ever concert together (as a batch) on the 24th of August. We've only got ourselves to depend on. So, let's all work/practice hard together for the concert k? Everybody just have to put in a little more effort on their part, and i'm sure everything will turn out fine, just like the NDP's. hehee. All the best to us. ^^

Remember to sell your tickets and practice hard! ~