Wednesday, November 23, 2011 @ 8:43 PM
Hi, everyone!

I know this update came a little too late.
(And Weishan's going to slap me or something)
But I'm reeeeallyyyy sorry!

Okay anyways..
It's nearing the end of A's!
Can't wait to play together with the seniors again!
We miss all of youuuuuu!

Woohoo! Japan trip coming up!

By the way, the band tee design is up on the JJCSB Facebook group.
Do go check it out if you haven't, alright?

And I'm not sure how many people check in here,
but if you read this post, please leave a tag!
I want to see band members' names and comments and love,
not from random advertising people or whatever, okay!

Lalalala okay love you guys! <3