Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 2:33 PM
SYF's over. Good job and well done band :D

By the way, Mr Ong left us 2 words and an analogy of the Sg's GE2011 just days before SYF.
Intrinsic Motivation and the opposition parties.
  • Intrinsic Motivation: We can motivated doing what we like and enjoy. We do what we must. And we're never pressured by external pressures. Like in band, we stay and continue learning, playing/making music because we like music and we end up enjoying doing them. Even though band may be stressful because we always get scolded for our wrong rhythm and awful intonation, this intrinsic motivation in us pushes us to put in more effort in practising, playing at our 100% effort. Results don't really matter as long as we've put in our best and enjoyed it.
So dear band, this 2 words does not apply to us only during SYF preparation, it can help us in whatever that we do in the future, be it continuing learning/playing music, or studying. Instead of wanting to get good grades for anything, try liking it and develop the interests for it to keep you moving on and not wanting to give up :)

  • We are just like the opposition parties: We are small, we are alone, we do not have many support from others, we are strong-willed. Even though we are a small band as compared to the other school bands, as long as we believe that we're able to do it, we put in our best efforts. We may not have the most supportive people supporting us, but as long as we stay united and not give up, we can all do well without it. Sometimes, it's impossible to win, but as long as we promise to do our best and have the support from people, everything we do is all worthwhile
Small band doesn't mean small sounds. We can prove to the others that this stereotype is wrong. We can produce big sounds, have great ambitions like other great bands too. We don't have to care how people think about us, what really matters to us is that we enjoy each other's company and support. :)

this silver that we've gotten. would be the proudest silver to many of us in our 1~8 years of being in band. Comparing this year's SYF results, the standard for SYF has been raised and judging this year is relatively strict, we still maintained our medal, which is quite a good feat! :)
Band no. 21, the last band of all JCs, we put up an impressive performance, brought good music to our audiences and enjoyed this experience together as a band on stage.

To all the J2s, I've seen your batch and the band grew from a small band with many selfish individuals to one that dares to dream, united and many of you had grown to become a true band member who thinks in unison today. You guys made me vvv proud of all of you :') Remember this memories of friendship made in this 1.5 year :')
and now, We have all stepped down from our posts in band, please study hard for your Alevels, like how you've practiced hard for SYF2011. Miss Lim hopes that we'll all do well for As and make the band, yourself and everyone supporting you proud. All the best to us! :D

& to the J1s, same thing applies. Start studying hard for all your tests and make Miss Lim, Mr Ong, Your Seniors, Everybody proud. :D

quoted from LeeHoe in last year's standing down...
J1s, it's your time. The J2s have stepped down.
Though we're never far away :)
It's your Band now.
It's time to turn your reveries into reality.
Time to make things happen.
Continue believing in Mr Ong and we'll never go wrong, JJCSB.

We're just like an elision.. When one phrase ends, there'll be another phrase starting at the same time.
J1s, carry on this legacy that have been brought down for 3batches already.. :) Our music and plans doesn't just stop here..

This should be my last time posting and updating in the band blog.. Even though i don't really update this space regularly but during this period of updating (almost) everyday, i've grown attached to it. hahaha. to the next publicity person, please take care of this blog... :)
SILVERRRR! Super proud of you guys JJCSB :')


I found a hidden message from Lee Hoe(again).
I shall leave this here...

To those who feel that you could have done much better, please do not lose heart. There is a saying, "The journey is more important than the destination". It is true. While it may seem that results are all that is important, please bear this in mind : It is never the result which changes you, but the process in which you achieve that result. The world will never know the challenges you encountered, the hardships faced, the sacrifices made, the amount of effort put in, and most importantly, how you coped. But you do, and to me, it's all that matters.

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heheh, i'll do a proper post this weekend. /weishan

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Saving the best for the last!! JJCSB, 1 last minute before we officially end SYF 2011 for concert bands!!!! :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 @ 11:33 PM
SYF 2011


Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 11:59 PM
Last Sunday
Hello. Have you been doing all your homework today?

heh, anyway rest well Band :)
See you tmr!

@ 1:40 AM
Sound Check on 30th May
Dear band,
We all had a loooong day in school from 725 onwards to around 230 in the afternoon. And i appreciate that you guys did not complain about being tired at all. :)

Firstly, i was rather disappointed by a few of you by your irresponsible behaviour and attitude. Rules have been set and there are still a handful of you who choose to not follow the rules laid out and think that you're still right. To those who were(or are still) guilty of being late today for whatever-not reasons, Mr Ong had even further emphasised that Rest is important and to go back home straight after talentime so that you will not tire yourself during the sound check the next morning. It was really very very disappointing to see all of you sleeping and i have to wake each and everyone of you during the sound check. Your little actions depicts the attitude of our band. Sleeping during the sound check(esp when other bands are playing), simply shows that we are a rude band with no basic courtesy.

Would you want your audiences to sleep, play w their phones or talk when we were performing? If you don't want people to do these to you, please think of the other performers and not do the same thing to them. This is what we, as a band, have to work on to improve...

Anyway, something happy :)
Despite the tiredness growing in many of you, you guys managed to stay focused throughout the whole rehearsal and today was the best that we've performed so far. :) Continue doing what you've done today for all of the remaining few practices left :)

Band practices can be very tiring and exhaustive, so please use the weekends and the public holidays to get plenty of rest so you'll not fall sick. :) Take lots of rest/vitamin pills and release your full potential on 4th may :)

Remember, do what we can have control in...

Oh, i found this quote online...

"Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did"?"
~ Zig Ziglar

100% focus and concentration is what Mr Ong needs in each and everyone of us. Like what he had said before, "It just take 1 person in the band not being focused to affect our sound and expression". Do you want to be that 1 person in the band who caused the band to sound Off and bad or do you want to be the other 47 people giving in their 100% effort? To regret or to rejoice after the performance, it's all your choice....


I guess most of you are resting now at this hour (2:53am) lol
Sleep well JJCSB
3days, 11hours, 47minutes left. :)