Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 10:23 PM
Hey everyone! It's been a while since someone posted, so I thought I'd just post some photos, due to popular demand(not really).

First up! Congratulations to the new committee(or just in short, the band).

If anyone is not too sure about the committee, here is the list.

President: Jasmine Lim

Vice-Presidents: Darrel Koh and Shawn Kong

Student Conductor: Choo Jin Yang

Secretaries: Cheong Wei Shan and Eileen Pang

Treasurers: Audrey Nah
and Marilyn

Quarter Master/Mistresses: Ho Wei Shen(WW), Qiu Shi Jia(B), Kelvin Tan(P)

Librarians: Ong Wei Kiat (Chief), Tu Yong, Boyer, Rachelle Peck

Logistics: Haqim and Nicholas Ng

Welfare: Mandy Cheong, Boyer, Ong Wei Ping

Publicity: Vivek, Kerr Xiang Jie, Mandy Cheong

Sectional Leaders:
Flute: Ong Wei Kiat
Clarinet: Eileen Pang
Saxophone: Mandy Cheong

French Horn: Cheong Wei Shan

Trumpet: Darrel Koh

Trombone: Boyer

Euphonium: Darrel Koh

Tuba: Kerr Xiang Jie

Percussion: Nicholas Ng

Congratulations to the committee(the band, again)!

Anyway, the school has finally painted the room for us, and they left without arranging our stuff back(how nice, NOT). There are also suspicions that the painters ate the biscuits from the tin and forgot to close it, and now we're left with 'lou fong' biscuits.

So the band, who are obviously nicer people, came back to arrange the stuff last Friday! Enough of the talking/typing, I shall post some photos.


Wow, let's try to guess what Vivek is doing while everyone is painstakingly trying to hang the curtains!

So this was where Audrey was hiding..

Say cheese!

Fed-up already.

Do join us. We need more people.

Nevertheless, there will always be people slacking during band meetings/ practices.

I don't really have much to say for these two photos.

Okay, that's all for now. Bye!